Taking water samples on Upper Rideau Lake.
Water analysis instrument used at point of collection. This instrument was purchased with funds granted by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.
Leeds, Grenville and Lannark County Health Unit Reports on Blue Green Algae in Upper Rideau Lake


URLA has been involved in several water quality testing programs over the years.

URLA volunteers have collected water samples and measured water clarity and temperature numerous times each year for the Ministry of the Environment's Lake Partner Program, formerly the Cottager’s Self-Help Program.


Jayne Macdonald has put together a document designed to help us reduce our phosphorus footprint, and help our lake. Phosphorus_Footprints.doc

Water Quality Reports

Reports are available from the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority , including a report for the Upper Rideau Lake Catchment:

A Report on the Environmental Health of the Rideau Lakes 20140
Rideau Lakes Subwatershed Report: Upper Rideau Lake Catchment: 2014

URLA have contracted the services of the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds to monitor the health of Upper Rideau Lake, 2002-2004. Water samples are taken at each of 12 established sites around the Lake.
URLA volunteers have also aided the RVCA in their testing for the Watershed Watch Program, 2005-2010.
Data taken from the samples is archived for long term trend analysis.

Each year an annual water quality report is created which contains a summary of the analysis of water samples for the year.
2014 Water Reort 2014 Water Clarity Report 2010 Report 2008 Report


Measurements from Upper Rideau Lake are shared with the province of Ontario's Lake Partnership program. The Lake Partnership publishes data on all lakes in the province participating in the program. If you are interested in seeing the full reports of all lakes participating, please follow the link below and scroll to the bottom of the resulting page to download the reports.


Anyone interested in the effects of commercial fishing in Upper Rideau Lake please follow Commercial fishing